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Teaching parents and kids to be their own best advocate by giving them the understanding and knowledge and confidence to navigate dyslexia from an empowered place both at home and in school.

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Our Mission

The struggle to confirm, understand, support and overcome the challenges of a dyslexia diagnosis can be completely overwhelming and lonely for kids and parents.

As a special education teacher for over 25 years and having raised two sons with learning disabilities, I know how difficult it can be for families to access the proper resources and support they need so their child doesn’t continue to struggle and fall further behind year after year.

My Happy Teacher is here to support you in overcoming the obstacles dyslexia places on your child’s learning, so every school day doesn’t feel like a struggle. From 1-1 tutoring to parent education and support, We are here to help your family start to feel relief from classroom stress, homework battles, and a confusing system so you can finally start to feel successful in school and in life!

How we help

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Your Roadmap to Getting an Initial Evaluation

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Dyslexia Therapy

1:1 Tutoring


"The Eye-Opening

Dyslexia Experience"

A simulation for you to experience what it may be like to be dyslexic.

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