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Alejandra Clase 

Works with:
Elementary School
Middle School

  • Orton Gillingham Certified Tutor

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Writing

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Morphology

My Story

I’ve always had a passion for learning and research. I majored in International Business and have worked as an Operations Manager and Administrative Consultant for the past 10+ years.

Four years ago, both my kids were diagnosed with dyslexia and so the research began. I was committed to learning everything there was to know and that’s when I started my OG training.

Today, as a homeschool teacher and certified Orton Gillingham specialist I am dedicated to helping other families overcome the challenges that rise with dyslexia and other learning
disabilities. I love working with every single one of my students, getting to know their unique strengths and helping them reach their full potential!

Fun Fact about myself: I live in the Dominican Republic and my favorite thing to do is to travel!


Coming soon!

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