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BreAnn Robinson

  • Master IEP Coach

  • Academic & Executive Functioning Coach

  • Math

  • ABA 

  • experience working with students on the spectrum 

Works with: elementary - college

My Story

Hello‼️ I'm BreAnn Robinson and I am the mom to two Auesome sons. One of my sons is Twice Exceptional and my other son is on the Autism Spectrum. I work within the special needs community as a Master SPEC™️ and Behavior Specialist.


I enjoy teaching all subjects, but my passion would have to be math. I see the world in numbers and my world lights up any time numbers are involved. I specialize in tutoring children that are on the Autism Spectrum, Dyslexic, have ADHD, and Gifted. 

I care deeply about each child I tutor. I stand firm on my belief that every child deserves the opportunity to be educated and that if we focus on their abilities and use that to close gaps each child will gain academic success.


IEPS, 504 plans, and Gifted Education plans are the jelly to my peanut butter. Not only am I a parent to children with an IEP and 504, but I am also a sibling. I am versed in collaborating with schools and teachers on keeping those meetings centrally focused on the child.


One quote that I love by Benjamin Franklin says "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." This holds true. I learned once I started involving each child I tutored or provided behavioral support to in the process of what works best for them, they started achieving success. 

When I'm not tutoring children, attending special education meetings, or providing behavioral therapy, I enjoy coaching track and field athletes and basketball. I also still compete in the shot put, hurdles, 100M, and long jump. I love taking pictures in nature and editing photos. Karaoke is my all-time favorite‼️


Coming soon!

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