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What is your intake process
for 1:1 tutoring?

1. Schedule a time to talk with Kathy about your child's needs by visiting this link.​

2. When you find a time that works for you there will be a form to fill out about your child.  It will ask you to attach or send your child’s IEP, evaluations/assessments and most recent progress report. 


3. If you can not attach it to the form, please send it to  before we meet.  


4. After we meet, Kathy will reach out to a tutor who she feels is the best fit for your child.  


5. You will receive a "Meet & Greet" email to schedule a meeting with the selected tutor. During this meeting, you'll get to know the tutor and schedule your weekly sessions.


6. Depending on the availability and the scheduling of the "Meet & Greet" meeting, tutoring sessions could start in as little as a week from meeting with Kathy.

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Happy Teacher Logo Vector.png
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