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What is your intake process

for 1:1 tutoring?


Once you are on the waitlist, you will be contacted via email when a spot becomes available to set up an initial consult via Zoom video chat. Parents are contacted in the order they got on the waitlist.  

Initial Consult 

The initial consult is where I answer any questions you may have about tutoring, for us to get to know each other and to determine if your child and I would be a good fit based on their learning needs and my approach.   


If we decide to move forward, we then set up a time for me to assess your child in the subject area(s) they need support with. We will do this assessment on Zoom so your child has a chance to become comfortable in video format if they aren’t already. 

Assessment Follow-Up 

After I assess your child, you and I will chat again. We will talk about the assessment results, what I noticed and what I initially suggest for their learning.  


Customized Learning Plan 

I then come up with a customized plan for your child that will close the gap quickly.  Generally, two to three sessions a week is recommended for consistency but that is up to you and what we agree on. 


We will do periodic assessments to find out what gains have been made and what changes need to be made to the approach to continue to close the gap. 

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