Is this what your child looks like when they are doing school work?

Angry and tired schoolgirl studying with

Have you ever heard your child say?

I can't do this! 
 I don't want to go to school! 
This is too hard! 
  I don't remember 
I just want to be normal 
Why is it easy for everyone else?
  I can't read.
I'm stupid 
I just want to be smart 

Have you ever seen your child ...?

 2's look like 5's
reverse their "b" & "d" 
read "bat" for "pat" 
be able to tell you everything about a topic but can't put it in writing 

 not be able to create a plan to solve a math word problem 

 have a difficult time remembering basic math facts 
 cannot blend sounds to make words
difficulty thinking & forming letters on paper 
Write their letters backwards

Do you ever feel...

overwhelmed you don't know what to do
 guilty that you feel you did something wrong

you just want to be able to get your child the help they need with someone that knows how to work with them

heartbroken that you can't help 

at your wits end 

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