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Julie Walbam

  • Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner

  • Phonemic awareness

  • Reading comprehension

  • Oral reading fluency

  • Math (K-4)

My Story

Connecting with my students and finding creative ways to accommodate their specific needs are passions of mine. I know from personal experience how stressful school and learning can be for our kiddos! I take into consideration a student’s learning style and interests to help them develop their own unique learning process. In doing so, students will learn strategies that work for them, build confidence, and hopefully an enthusiasm for learning! 

I’ve worked with children for most of my life, and I’ve raised two daughters as well.  I’m currently a special education teacher at a prek-8 school in Connecticut, where I teach the Wilson Reading System full-time. I am Level 1 certified, and I absolutely love what I do!


It’s a remarkable thing, to help students work through challenges and persevere. Getting to know my students is both rewarding and informative; it allows me to understand more about who they are, and how to create lessons to fit their needs. I learn from them every day! 

I have a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University, a K-6 teaching certification from Central Connecticut State University, and a Master’s degree in Special Education from Quinnipiac University.


I’m also a certified yoga teacher, and I’ve enjoyed teaching classes for children and adults. As a yoga instructor and practitioner, I find it helpful to bring a sense of mindfulness to my lessons when working with students. Humor works well, too!


Fun fact about me: I like to practice yoga on my paddleboard! 


Coming soon!