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Michael Hanawalt

Works with:

  • High School

  • College

  • Adults

  • Academic & Executive Functioning Coach

My Story

My name is Michael, but you can call me Max. I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with my Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in psychology in 2016. I am working towards a Master of Science (MS) in educational psychology with a concentration in testing, assessments, and evaluations at George Mason University.

I have gone through a long journey with executive functioning struggles. I remember sitting at my parent's kitchen table during homework time staring at a wall because I did not know where to start and getting frustrated because it felt like the homework was endless. I found this homework lead me to have many sleepless nights, which then slowed down my academic performance, which meant a lot of classwork became homework creating a vicious cycle. I remember sitting in class and having teachers say, “it gets harder in college” without teaching strategies for success. I was terrified but through teaching myself strategies to improve executive functioning I found that college was less overwhelming than high school, and success was achievable. The earlier these strategies are taught and learned the more successful students become.

When I am not reading research or biographies, I enjoy lifting weights. My favorite sport to watch is bodybuilding. I also enjoy college basketball, although I have chosen VCU to win my March Madness bracket every year since I was 11 which has yet to happen but 2022 will be the year.


Coming soon!

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