Montrae Kornegay

  • Lindamood Bell Programs

  • Orton Gillingham Certified

  • Heggerty

  • Educational Advocate

Works with: Age 4 - middle school

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My Story

I've always had a passion for reading & education. As a young girl I would oftentimes get in trouble for staying up and reading past my bedtime. This same passion has been with me my entire life. So when I grew up I wondered (as we all do) "what am I good at...what is my passion?"; of course education was one of my main choices. Although life happened and I didn't go directly into education; I sure am glad I ended up here. 

I am a mom of three; 2 boys and 1 girl, ages 17, 18, & 21. My journey with education began with my own children. My oldest son is on the spectrum and my youngest has ADHD. This has truly shaped my perspective on education.  I am an advocate for students having adequate accommodations and an IEP having realistic and relevant goals and objectives. I can relate on both ends; personally and professionally. 

I have a B.A. in Integrative Studies with a concentration in English & Psychology.  After volunteering for Hands on Atlanta as a Lead Teacher for their tutoring program; I fell in love with tutoring and working with students one on one. Soon after I joined Lindamood Bell summer training program as a clinician; I was trained in Lips, Seeing Stars, & (my favorite) Visualizing and Verbalizing. This is when I was introduced to the world of "exceptional learners". I enjoyed teaching and tutoring students so much that I joined the Cohort class of the Georgia Teaching Fellows Alternative teaching program. It was during this program when I received a special education endorsement and became certified to teach students of all backgrounds and learning abilities. 

Although I was trained in Lindamood Bell; I still felt as if something was missing.  I wanted to better assist the students I was tutoring & teaching. So I began training in the Orton Gillingham multisensory reading method via The Institute for Multisensory Education (IMSE). This was the additional knowledge I needed to add to my "toolbox". 

It's been over 15 years and I still have a passion for education and reaching students of all backgrounds and learning abilities. It's really something when that light bulb suddenly goes off. 

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