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Peri Thapliyal

Works with:
Elementary Grades 3-5
Middle School
High School

  • Math

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

My Story

Hi, I’m Pari!

I teach math and science. My students love my friendly, patient approach. They  grow confident as I make things  easy to understand and  remember; even the most challenging concepts.


I have tutored numerous students for the past 8 years with over 12,000 hours experience. In all cases I have improved their exam performances to help them achieve their goals. I can improve the performance of students who find the subject difficult and need to enhance their understanding and examination technique.


In addition, I have the ability to work with top achieving students to challenge them using extension questions. I believe that doing well in exams is not only about being good at a subject, it is also essential to know how to exam well (e.g. how to manage time, how to maximize marks, what to expect in the exam etc.)


I enjoy sharing my well proven exam techniques with others in order to help them achieve the highest grades. I also enjoy sharing my well tested and perfected revision techniques which allow for students to make the best use of all revision time so that they can be perfectly prepared for any exam they sit.


Throughout lessons I work through topics with students which they previously found particularly challenging. I use examples and illustrations, that I create myself, to aid their understanding and memory of complex topics. Once the student gains confidence in the topic, we then move on to topic-specific past paper questions, simultaneously cementing the student's understanding while also expertly preparing the student for their exams.


I then set each student personalized homework, relevant to the topics covered in the lesson. I also provide students with a personalized study plan, as well as personalized subject notes.


I believe in tailoring the teaching approach to each student’s needs and individual learning style. I discuss the student’s aims with them - and with their parents, if required - to determine what topics need additional instruction and then to work out the appropriate program.


I advocate continuous assessment to measure the student’s progress. Closer to exams, the students will work through focused papers. At this stage, strategic choices may be made to concentrate on the student's strengths.

I am a friendly and caring person and I believe in an holistic approach to teaching and learning, which builds confidence and self - worth while promoting effective exam techniques and developing subject expertise.

My approach is to develop an individualized learning plan by assessing current attainment levels and ensuring this complements ongoing work in school or college. This is in negotiation with parents/guardians to ensure that there are set smart targets, which can be tracked to monitor your progress.


I am a professional and positive tutor who aims to get the best results from my students, whatever level they are at.

I love to watch YouTube videos, movies, shopping  and spending time with family.


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