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Sarah Cappel

Works with:
Elementary School Students
Middle School Students

  • Academic / Executive Functioning Coach

  • Advocate / Parent Coach

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Math - Elementary

  • AAC devices

My Story

Hi there, I’m Sarah!  I am a mom to two amazing elementary school kiddos, Clark and Carina, and also to my two fur babies, Zuma and Penny.  I love any activity which allows my family to be together, and to be outside breathing in fresh air and hopefully absorbing some sunshine!


I have been living and working in Ohio for all of my life, so sometimes sunshine is not a given!

I am a K-12 certified Intervention specialist, and before getting my Master’s in Education, I studied and worked in the fields of sociology and social work.  I have worked with students who have multiple moderate to severe disabilities, including ASD, ADHD, TBI,ODD and Down Syndrome  for 15+ years in an elementary public school setting.  


My focus is on making learning accessible for all students and their families.  I have learned about, utilized, and then coached families and other school staff members in implementing specialized technology to help students access opportunities for growth and development. I am an expert collaborator and coach, and have a teamwork mindset when it comes to providing services for students with complex needs.


I love working with the youngest learners, although I am open to working with any age, on functional and foundational skills. I have used a wide range of programs over the years to address phonics, phonemic awareness, acquisition of vocabulary, number sense and counting, spatial/positional concepts, speaking and listening (I could go on, but you probably get the gist).  I try to find a program or strategy that is a good fit for each child rather than trying to fit each child into a singular program.


I am passionate about being a part of a team and I believe we all, children, parents, families, and teachers, can learn from each other to make life and learning accessible, meaningful, and joyful.


Coming soon!

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