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Stargazing & the

Phases of the Moon

Moon Gazing

Anytime is a great time for your kids to learn all about the stars and the phases of the moon!!


When you were young didn't you love to get a blanket and lay outside at night and just to look at the stars and try to find

The Big Dipper?


Do or did you know that: 

  • there are groups of stars that have names?  

  • sailors used the stars to be able to sail across the ocean without GPS?

  • we don’t see the same stars in the sky all year round

  • you can tell the direction you are looking at by knowing about the stars

  • for thousands of years different cultures have told stories about the stars


Your child will learn: 

  • How to use a star map to locate and identify constellations in the night sky.

  • How and why the stars appear to move in the sky throughout the night, and from season to season.

  • Why the shape of the moon changes

  • What the phases of the Moon are

  • Names of the full moons

  • What are Eclipses 


You will create/receive:

  • Tips of how and when are the best times to stargaze 

  • Star maps for each season

  • Constellation booklet to help you identify the stars you see at home

  • Moon phases journal 

  • Create the phases of the moon out of Oreos


Provided with the class will be: 

  • A link to a OneNote Notebook with activities all about the constellations and phases of the moon.

Details for the upcoming class

  • 4 weekly lessons via Zoom and follow up activities in Google Classroom

  • Time for the class: Coming soon!

  • Dates: Coming soon! 

  • Ages: 6-11

  • Price: Individual-  $97      family price (2+ family members)- $149

                                                                 contact me to take advantage of this

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