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Deborah DePalma

  • Wilson 1

  • Heggerty

Works with:
Elementary School Students


My Story

I'm Deborah DePalma, and I've been on a journey through the education world for over two decades now. From the bustling energy of daycare to the fulfilling roles of tutoring, substitute teaching, and now settling into my groove as a third-grade teacher in New Jersey, it's been quite the ride. And let's not forget the most important job of all – raising three incredible kids along the way!

In my classroom, I wear many hats – certified in the Wilson Reading System and trained in the English Learners Professional Development Pathway, I'm here to support all my students, whether they're diving into Fundations or exploring the depths of the WRS. You'll often find me in our cozy co-teaching space, guiding both our general education rockstars and those with learning differences through every subject under the sun.

Teaching isn't just a job for me; it's my passion. There's nothing quite like witnessing those 'aha' moments and seeing the confidence bloom in my students' eyes. Through years of teaching, I've learned to embrace patience, keep an open mind, and let my creativity flow to meet each child where they are on their learning journey. My ultimate goal? To help every student shine their brightest.

When I'm not in the classroom, you'll likely find me lost in a good book, trekking through nature on a hike, or lending a helping hand at the local animal shelter. It was there that I met my furry best friend, Katerina (Kat for short).


Coming soon!

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