About Us

It is our mission to make sure families we work with feel empowered to overcome dyslexia and that they feel success in both school and life.


My Happy Teacher has a growing team of specialized teachers that have years of experience teaching students that have complex learning disabilities including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, non-verbal learning disabilities and challenges with executive functioning skills. 

Our team of teachers have specialized training that includes Wilson Reading, Orton-Gillingham, Take Flight, LindaMood Bell programs (ex. Visualizing & Verbalizing, LIPs and Seeing Stars), Project Read  and MANY more.

We not only teach your child but we can work with families to help you navigate the special education system to help you get the best services for your child possible.


We are available to virtually attend your child’s IEP meetings not as an educational advocate but as someone on your side that has an educated ear that understands the IEP process and speaks the school's language.  We will help you understand the options you have and help you make informed decisions. 

From Kathy Cousineau

Owner & CEO

Parents, I’ve been in your shoes. I am not only an educator but I’m also a mom who has navigated the special education process from both sides. I understand the fear and anxiety, and how heartbreaking it can be to watch your child struggle in school. I know what it’s like to want to wave a wand to make it all go away for them and help them learn without it being such a struggle. I see you; I hear you, and I can help you and your child feel successful.


My Story

Hello, my name is Kathy Cousineau. I am a mom of two grown sons and I absolutely LOVE what I do!!

I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher - I even made my brother "play school" while we were growing up! All through high school and college, I worked in various positions helping children with the most severe learning disorders in specialized schools. After college, I found my first teaching job and I remember being SO excited to finally be living my dream!

For over 25 years I have been a Learning Disabilities Specialist. I am a Wilson certified Dyslexia Practitioner and I had a language-based classroom for the most severely dyslexic for nine years. To see the rest of my qualifications follow the link to my LinkedIn page.

I really love figuring out what a student's strengths are and teaching them strategies to overcome their dyslexia challenges. I also love helping students become as independent as possible and learn to advocate for themselves.

It’s my mission to help as many families as I can navigate the challenges that come with dyslexia. I am also proud to provide some free resources to help you engage and learn to overcome dyslexia as a superpower rather than a burden to overcome.

Meet the team


Courtney Churchill

Orton-Gillingham & Elem. Math

BreeAnn Robinson

BreAnn Robinson

Master IEP & Executive Functioning Coach

Belinda Sinopoli.jpg

Belinda Sinopoli

Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner, Heggerty, Executive Functioning Coach


Montrae Kornegay

Orton-Gillingham Certified, LIndamood Bell Programs & Educational Advocate


Erica DeMaria

Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner, LIPs, V&V, Seeing Stars, Elementary Math


Michael Hanawalt

Executive Functioning Coach

Diana Pettis_edited.jpg

Diana Pettis

Advanced Orton Gillingham & group classes

Julie Walum_edited.jpg

Julie Walbam

Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner, Phonemic Awareness, Reading comprehensionOral reading fluencyMath (K-4)

IMG_4506 - Melissa Tranquillino.heic

Melissa Tranquillino

Wilson 1, Fundations, Heggerty, Phonemic Awareness, Writing, Reading Comprehension, Math - Elementary

O'Brien - SANDRA O'BRIEN.jpeg

Sandy O'Brien

Wilson 1, Heggerty, REWARDS, Phonemic Awareness, Reading Comprehension, Oral Reading Fluency, Written Expression, Math

Lisa Murphy.heic

Lisa Murphy

Wilson 1, Wilson 2, LIPS, Seeing Stars, Heggerty

Monique Cromis.jpg

Monique Cromis

Advocate / Parent Coach, Take Flight, Reading by Design, Phonemic Awareness, Writing, Reading Comprehension, Orton-Gillingham

Jess Krook - Jessica Krook.jpg

Jess Krook

Orton-Gillingham Trained, Heggerty

C2 (1) (1) - Christy Parsons.jpg

Christy Ray

Orton-Gillingham; Phonemic Awareness

Jessica Price Online Tutor Students with Disabilities.jpg

Jessica Price

Wilson 1, Fundations, Just Words, Writing, Reading Comprehension, Reading Simplified

Sarah Cappel.jpg

Sarah Cappel

Academic / Executive Functioning Coach, Advocate / Parent Coach, Phonemic Awareness, Reading Comprehension, Math - Elementary, AAC devices

pari - pari hanu.JPG

Peri Thapliyal

Elementary, Middle School, High School, Math, Physics, Chemistry

Melissa Joy D - Melissa Davis.jpg

Melissa Davis

Wilson 1, Wilson 2

IMG_7953 - Alejandra Clase.jpg

Alejandra Clase

Orton Gillingham, Phonemic Awareness, Writing, Reading Comprehension, Morphology, Elemtary and Middle School

Blazis, Brenna Headshot - Brenna Blazis.jpg

Brenna Blazis

Fundations, Heggerty, Academic / Executive Functioning Coach, Advocate / Parent Coach, Phonemic Awareness, Writing, Reading Comprehension, Math - Elementary - Middle School


Ashley Ward

Wilson 1 & 2, Fundations, Reading Fluency, Phonemic Awareness, Executive Functioning Coach, Parent / IEP Support Coach


Elementary - Middle School - High School

Ava Grace Horton.jpg

Grace Horton

Wilson 1, Fundations, Heggerty, Phonemic Awareness, Writing, Reading Comprehension, Math - Elementary

Elementary - High School

Screenshot 2022-11-24 10.05_edited.jpg

Jessica Martin

Wilson 1, Just Words, LMB: V&V, Project Read - Framing Your Thoughts, Math - Elementary, Sonday, Edmark, Touch Math

Elementary - Middle School

kimberly Grattan (1).jpg

Kim Grattan

Wilson 1, Wilson 2, Just Words, Orton-Gillingham Trained, LMB: V&V, Academic / Executive Functioning Coach, Advocate / Parent Coach, Phonemic Awareness, Writing, Math - Elementary

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