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Madeline Rivera

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Works with:
Elementary School Students
Middle School Students
High School Students


My Story

Hi! My name is Madeline Rivera and I am a NYS certified Teaching Assistant. For the past 16 years I have been working in a public school in a 15:1:1 special education class grades 1-5. I work with students who have autism, ODD, ADHD and Dyslexia.I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. When my youngest went to nursery school I volunteered to help and found my calling. At my local school I started subbing and heard they were using the Wilson Reading Program and I was interested in learning more. I am a Wilson Dyslexia Therapist trained in level I and II. I have tutored many students privately and through my district providing Wislon to students over the summer. One of my students completed the program through book 12. What a great accomplishment to see the full circle of the program and  his growth. The highlight of my day is helping a child with strategies that will help them to succeed in their daily life. A fun fact about me is I am always willing to try something new. An example of this is when I went to Iceland in February and I went snorkeling between the continental plates. Will I ever do that again no, but I did try it and it was amazing!


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