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Jessica Martin


Works with:
Elementary School
Middle School

  • Wilson 1

  • Just Words

  • Linda MoodBell: V&V

  • Project Read - Framing Your Thoughts

  • Math - Elementary

  • Sonday

  • Edmark

  • Touch Math

My Story

Hi! My name is Jessica Martin. I am a mom and a full time teacher. I live in a small beach community in New Jersey with my beautiful blended family, with three amazing children! I also teach in a large public school district in New Jersey. 


I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl. My parents were both educators and I would love going into their classrooms to decorate and create bulletin boards. I loved helping them grade papers, by putting scented stickers on the stellar assignments too! Watching their love for teaching and seeing them teach and inspire young minds, drove me to seek the same career path. 


As mentioned, I am a full-time certified special education teacher at a local public school in New Jersey. I graduated from Monmouth University in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in special education and elementary education K-5. I currently teach in the same district in which  I started my educational journey.  Early in my career I was  a resource room teacher  in grades 6-8. I then transitioned to the elementary school to teach resource room in grades 4 and 5. Currently, I teach in a language learning disability classroom with students in grades 3 and 4. 


I teach all subjects to my students, but my two passions  are  teaching reading/writing and mathematics. I love helping children develop the foundational skills needed to read and comprehend independently. I also love helping children piece together encoding lessons to develop sentences to share their thoughts in written form without anxiety and stress. Lastly,  I love teaching children how to achieve math success in a way that works best for them. 


I have a variety of training and experiences with multiple multisensory programs in reading, as well as mathematics.  In 2016 I became  Wilson Level 1 certified. I am also trained in Wilson Just Words, Project Read Linguistics, Project Read Framing Your Thoughts, Sonday, Reading Milestones, Edmark, and Visualize and Verbalize.  The variety of reading programs I am trained in, and utilize within my own classroom, allows me to tailor lessons to each child’s individual needs.


In regards to math, I have a variety of training with general education programs and experience modifying those programs as needed. I am also trained in Touch Math, which is a great tool  for a variety of mathematics skills to help those kiddos who struggle in math. My background and training allow me to provide each student  lessons to best help them learn, grow,  and meet their goals. 


All in all, I LOVE teaching and love seeing kiddos set goals, reach them and feel pride in themselves. There is nothing better than seeing a child smile  and feel pride when they overcome a challenge. Tutoring is so wonderful because it provides a learning environment that is individualized and allows me to really connect with my students.  I’m excited to work together to help your child!


Coming soon!

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