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Melissa Tranquillino


Works with:
Elementary Students

  • Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner

  • Fundations

  • Heggerty

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Writing

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Elementary Math

My Story

Hello! My name is Melissa Tranquillino. I am a mom of four teenagers and a classroom teacher. I find both jobs incredibly rewarding and challenging at the same time!

Even from a young age, I have always knew I wanted to work with children. Teaching has been my life! I have worked in the same school for the past 26 years as a classroom teacher
teaching children in grades 1, 2, and 3.


I am currently a third grade teacher. I have a Master’s
of Education from Cambridge College. I am also a Wilson certified Dyslexia Practitioner.


I have experience both as a teacher and a parent. I have one child on an IEP, who has dyslexia and three children on 504s. I understand the challenges of advocating for the best for your child.

I like to look at the whole child. I use a multimodal approach. Nothing thrills me more than to see the sparkle in a child’s eye when a new skill clicks!

I am excited to help your child grown in reading, writing and math.


Coming soon!

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