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Online Summer Class
"Fish in a Tree"

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Through reading "Fish in a Tree" and participating in activities, your child will not only gain a deeper understanding of learning differences but also develop essential life skills such as empathy, resilience, and advocacy.

They will leave the program with increased confidence, a greater sense of belonging, and a commitment to celebrating diversity and supporting one another.


Your child will learn: 

  • Understanding Learning Differences:
       - Recognizing the challenges faced by individuals with learning differences, particularly dyslexia.
       - Engaging in discussions and activities that promote empathy and understanding of others' experiences.

  • Building Confidence and Resilience:
       - Learning strategies for overcoming obstacles and building resilience in the face of adversity.
       - Participating in activities that boost self-confidence and celebrate personal strengths.

  • Fostering Empathy and Friendship:
       - Exploring the importance of empathy, friendship, and support networks in overcoming challenges.
       - Engaging in team-building activities and collaborative projects that foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

  • Celebrating Neurodiversity:
       - Embracing the beauty of neurodiversity and celebrating the unique strengths and talents of individuals.
       - Creating art or writing pieces that celebrate individual strengths and differences.

  • Advocacy and Self-Advocacy:
       - Learning about advocacy and self-advocacy, including strategies for advocating for oneself and others.
       - Reflecting on personal growth and achievements and planning for continued support and community building

Climb a Tree 2.jpg

You will receive:​

  • Access to a Google Classroom with links and activities** 

  • Eight online group sessions grouped with like aged children


Some activities that your child will do are:

  • digital "All About Me" collage

  • time capsule

  • friendship bracelet 

  • kindness rocks

  • reflection journal

Digital all about me _edited.jpg
** a Google email is needed to access the Google Classroom

Details for the upcoming summer class

  • Two sessions a week for four weeks (8 sessions)

  • Time for the class: Coming Soon!!

  • Dates: Coming Soon!

  • Ages: 8 and up (classes will be added to keep like aged grouped together) 

  • No more than four students in a group

  • Price: $199 

I would like to be informed when the next class will be.

Thanks for submitting!

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