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1:1 Online
Specialized Instruction

Happy Teacher Logo Vector.png
Services for your child
are individualized
to what YOUR child NEEDS
💔 Is your child frustrated and hates even the thought of doing ANY type of schoolwork?
🏫 Are you worried about school overall?
🙁 Are you concerned about your child's mental wellbeing?


🍎 No matter if your child has been diagnosed with dyslexia or any other type of learning disability we will take them from where they are and find what works for them!
📚 🔢  We will build – or reinforce – the skills needed to succeed in school: reading, writing, phonics, math & study skills.
👩‍🏫  We will work 1:1 with your child to
laser focus on the exact skills that your child is struggling with.
🍎  We will teach YOUR child strategies to help them learn whatever is a challenge for them.
❤️ We will help them learn to 
📚 You can choose between the Wilson Reading or Orton-Gillingham approach for reading 📚
We WILL find what works
for YOUR child!!
Together we will:
build skills, confidence, and motivation for your son or daughter with individualized tutoring
-help them have the BEST SCHOOL YEAR 🏫 EVER!


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