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Learn YOUR 

Times Tables the FUN Way!!


Wouldn't it be nice for your child to know their multiplication facts?


Does your child have a hard time memorizing their multiplication facts?  


Does not knowing their times tables slow them down from learning higher grade level skills like fractions, division, and decimals?

The Times Tables the Fun Way class teaches kids to learn multiplication by associating each fact with a colorful story.  Visual association and clever stories make learning fun and effective.


Example: To teach 6x6, the story tells of twin sixes crossing the desert and getting low on water. The picture shows tired and drooping sixes, they are very thirsty sixes. Which sounds like 36, the answer to 6x6.


In a group Zoom Meeting, 

  • your child will learn their multiplication facts by associating each fact with “number characters” in a story

  • All facts for the threes, fours, sixes, sevens, and eights are taught with pictures and stories. 

  • Numerical tricks are used to teach the zeroes, ones, twos, fives, and nines. (Each fact is addressed once and not taught in reverse order.) 

  • The commutative property is explained so students learn, for example, that 6 x 7 is the same as 7 x 6.

  • In the beginning, story clues will be given in order to trigger the answers to the facts. 

  • Once the stories are thoroughly learned and practiced your child will by-pass the story when remembering the fact!!


Provided with the class will be: 

  • A digital file of the flashcards with the picture clues of the stories on them

  • Links to videos & songs for each of the stories

  • A Google Classroom with activities they can do for further practice of what they were taught.


This class does not guarantee the automaticity of the multiplication facts.  Your child will be taught various numerical tricks/strategies and mnemonic picture stories.   Success will depend on the adequate practice of applying the strategies and stories they are taught.

Details for the upcoming class

  • 4 weekly lessons via Zoom and follow up activities in a Google Classroom sent to you

  • Time for the class: coming soon!

  • Dates: coming soon! 

  • Ages: 8-11

  • Price: Individual-  $97      family price (2+ family members)- $149

                                          Contact me for a way to take advantage of this 

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Thank you for enrolling your child!

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