Mindfulness for Kids

Mindfulness is… like being the best possible parent to yourself. Present, gentle, attentive, compassionate & grateful for each moment.

Give your child the tools to help create a better life

 where they love themselves!


We don’t have to believe every thought we have or be knocked down so often by our emotions. Sometimes we can let our thoughts drift by and then disappear, just like a cloud in the sky.


Your child will learn: 

  • What it is to be mindful & why it is important

  • How to be present

  • To identify how they are feeling and be mindful of their senses at that time

  • Strategies to put into their mindfulness toolbox when they are overwhelmed, sad, mad, etc.

  • Why it is SO important to pay attention to self talk and how to keep it positive

  • The importance of being grateful and how to be

  • Ultimately, strategies to help them create the happiest and best life possible


You will receive access to:

  • A link to a OneNote Notebook with a variety of mindfulness activities that you can do with them

  • Links to various mindfulness guided imagery/meditations for kids

  • How to create a "Calmness Jar" to help when they are upset

  • Creating a "Gratitude Jar" to use when they are sad and feeling down

  • Mindfulness coloring pages

  • List of apps that you can use to continue with the practice 

  • and more!!!

During the class we will create:

  • A "Calmness Jar" 

  • A "Gratitude Jar"

  • You will be sent a materials list the week before so you have time to get it all together before we start

Details for the upcoming class

  • Four 1 hour long lessons via Zoom with follow up activities over Christmas break

  • Time for the class: 10:00 PM  OR   1:00 PM 

  • Dates: December 28th - December 31st

  • Ages: 6-11

  • Price: $97