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Monique Cromis

Works with:
Elementary School
Middle School
High School

  • Advocate / Parent Coach

  • Take Flight

  • Reading by Design

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Writing

  • Reading Comprehension,

  • Multi-Sensory Teaching Approach (MTA)-OG program

My Story

Thirty-one years ago, I started my teaching career as an elementary special education teacher in Texas. As a young teacher, I tried everything to help my students become more proficient readers, however, despite my efforts, some of my students were not making the progress I hoped they would. The school's dyslexia teacher continually tried to recruit me to get training in the Multi-Sensory Teaching Approach (MTA), however, my young, prideful self was convinced that since I had a Master’s degree in special education, I would not learn anything new that would help me. After a few years, I finally relented and registered for the training. Very quickly after training, I started using the program with all of my students who had a learning disability in reading (many were not yet diagnosed with dyslexia). The amazing progress my students made that year was enough for me to decide to complete my advanced training in MTA and eventually go on to become an Academic Language Therapist and Licensed Dyslexia Therapist. 

I loved teaching students with dyslexia so much that I also completed training in the Scottish Rite Take Flight program as well as Reading By Design. All three (MTA, Take Flight, and Reading By Design) are Orton-Gillingham based programs.

It is true what they say about “Southern Hospitality” as you and your child will quickly discover that I am extremely friendly, caring, and passionate about helping children overcome their learning challenges and gain confidence in their own abilities. I believe in a whole family approach as it truly “takes a village”. 

When I am not teaching, I love to spend time with my husband and three adult children. I love to sit on the beach and read a good novel, go camping (well actually glamping), and I play a mean game of Corn Hole. 


Coming soon!

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