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One-on-One Online Dyslexia Tutoring that Works from Tutors Who Truly Care

Because Every Child Deserves to Have the Opportunity to Succeed in School and to Reach Their Full Potential

25+ Years of Helping Students with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia,
and other Learning Disabilities Learn to Love Reading!

Discovering your child has dyslexia or any other type of learning disability can feel overwhelming and discouraging. Many parents worry about their kids falling behind in school and how it will impact their self-esteem and future. 


Your child's learning disabilities no longer have to be a barrier to success!


We’ve helped hundreds of students from elementary school through high school (and even adults) with dyslexia succeed.


See how we can help you, too.


Give Your Child the Gift of Research-Based Dyslexia Tutoring that Will Unveil the Magical World of Reading.

We provide one-on-one online personalized tutoring with the best programs for dyslexia and more, including Wilson Reading, Orton-Gillingham, Take Flight, Lindamood–Bell, Project Read, and many more. 

Make Learning Fun: We use online games and activities designed to reinforce the concepts and strategies they are taught in 1:1 specialized lessons.


Boost Self-Esteem and Confidence: As your child learns to master challenging subjects, they will also develop confidence in their abilities and themselves.


Empowering Students for Lifelong Learning: We help students take the strategies that they learn in a 1:1 environment to using and applying them on a daily basis.


Join us at My Happy Teacher, where we are committed to helping your child overcome reading challenges and unlock their full potential with research-based dyslexia tutoring. 

We do more than tutor kids with learning disabilities. 

We partner with parents and team up with teachers to ensure every child receives the support they need.

Navigating the IEP process and fighting the bureaucracy of the special education system is hard. We’ll help you understand your child's evaluations, know your rights, and even attend your IEP meetings to help you advocate for your child’s needs. 


Let us “speak school” for you so you can put your “mama bear” back into hibernation and return to being a parent. 

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3 Steps to Unlock Your Child's Reading Potential with My Happy Teacher

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Step 1

Click a button below to book a chat to discuss your child’s unique learning needs and goals so we can pair your child with the right tutor.

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Step 2

Then we will create a tailored plan to strengthen your child’s reading, by using research-based reading instruction and reinforcing the skills with games your child will love.

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Step 3

We will work with your child's teacher, to ensure they are successful in school. Plus we offer an optional parent support package for families who want help advocating for their child within the IEP process.

Proof Dyslexia Tutoring Helps Students Succeed! 

I had Ms. Cousineau as a fifth and sixth grader and hated reading with a burning passion. I struggled to read anything much harder than a picture book when I entered her class. By the time I left in 6th grade, I loved reading and was reading full on chapter books. As a junior in college, I still use many of the skills she taught me. I'm even an English Major despite that once being my weakest area. Anytime someone asks me to list the most influential people in my life she is among the first who pop into my mind.


Signs of Dyslexia and Other Learning Disabilities

Learn about the early and later signs of dyslexia and other learning disabilities in children.

FREE Resources & Other Helpful Tools for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities

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Dear Teacher Letter

Use this template to write to your child's teacher a letter about your child and how to best help them in the classroom.

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