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Personalized Google Classroom

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In addition to our individualized 1:1 online tutoring sessions, we also utilize a Google Classroom to enhance your child's learning experience at My Happy Teacher. Our Google Classroom is filled with a wealth of valuable resources that we use during lessons, including decodable readers and reference materials that are specifically designed for your child's needs. 


Both our tutors and parents have access to the Google Classroom, ensuring open communication and collaboration between all parties involved in your child's education. This platform serves as a central hub where important materials and information are shared, allowing for easy access and reference.


Within the Google Classroom, we have a dedicated section where we provide additional work, links to educational games, and subscription sites that reinforce the concepts covered during our tutoring sessions. These supplementary resources are carefully curated to further support your child's learning journey, providing opportunities for independent practice and reinforcement of key skills.


At My Happy Teacher, we believe in utilizing technology to its fullest potential to create a comprehensive and interactive learning environment. Our Google Classroom serves as a valuable tool to complement our tutoring sessions, ensuring that your child has access to a wide range of materials and resources that enhance their learning experience.


Join us at My Happy Teacher, where we combine personalized online tutoring, engaging resources and the power of technology to help your child with dyslexia develop strong reading skills and thrive academically.


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