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Student Referral Program

What is the Student Referral Program?

“My Happy Teacher’s Referral Program” is where our tutors can refer parents/students to our group and receive a gift card for doing so 🤑💃🏼.

You may be at school and parents ask you for a referral for a tutor but it might not be in the area that you feel comfortable working in (just put letters in a math problem and I am out!!  LOL!!) or they are looking for specialized programs that you are not trained in but you know that someone within My Happy Teacher is 😁.

Why not earn a $50 gift card 💰
for just referring them to our tutoring group?!

Benefits of referring students to
My Happy Teacher 👩‍🏫

YOU will receive a $50 gift card 💰 to:

  • Best Buy

  • Apple

  • Amazon


  • Make sure that the parent puts your name into the referral question when they make the appointment to talk to Kathy about setting up tutoring for their child

  • If they don’t, no worries just send me a message in Google Chat to the “Referral information” Google Space and I will make sure to add your name 😉

  • As soon as they finish their 8th week of tutoring with us you will receive a form for you to fill out what gift card you would like to get and where you would like it sent to.

  • It is as easy as that!!

Referral Section MHT.png

What specialized programs are our tutors trained in?

  • Wilson Level 1 & 2

  • OG trained & certified

  • OG math

  • Take Flight

  • LMB programs (Lips, Seeing Stars, V&V)

  • Project Read programs (Story Form, Report Form & Framing Your Thoughts)

  • Executive Functioning Coaches

  • Parent IEP / 504 Support Coaching

  • + SO many more!!!

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