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I was able to meet a family IN PERSON that I have worked with for two years online!!
It truly was amazing!!  


 I was looking for a reading tutor for my 6 year old daughter (who has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia and low cognitive levels) and we found Ms. Kathy. She has been so patient with my daughter but knows how hard to push her to get the best out of her. My daughter asks me each day if we get to see Ms. Kathy today and when it’s not her day she says well I miss her and want to play. When your child considers working on something that comes hard to them “play” you know you found the correct person. We highly recommended Ms. Kathy

Kathy is such a great tutor. Very patient and connects well with my daughter. My daughter doesn't like reading and was having a very difficult time learning. But she looks forward to each session with Kathy and has improved her reading skills and confidence greatly in just a few weeks. Others have noticed as well. She's been such an amazing help to my daughter.


I had Ms. Cousineau as a fifth and sixth grader and hated reading with a burning passion. I struggled to read anything much harder than a picture book when I entered her class. By the time I left in 6th grade, I loved reading and was reading full on chapter books. As a junior in college, I still use many of the skills she taught me. I'm even an English Major despite that once being my weakest area. Anytime someone asks me to list the most influential people in my life she is among the first who pop into my mind.

                             -Gwyneth Campbell

I am not sure that every parent has the good fortune to encounter a teacher whose influences actually changes the trajectory of their child's life.  This is a statement I can make with confidence.

Not only is my daughter in college but she intends on being an educator.  I am not sure either of these facts would be true without Ms. Cousineau's work.  

Prior to landing in her class, my daughter was kind, caring, and simply not engaged.  There were many educators who were willing to accept less than her best.  There were others who would state expectations that Gwyn was not equipped to meet.  These (presumably well intentioned) educators did not take the step to connect with Gwyn and to explore why she was not meeting their expectations.

With Ms. Cousineau, Gwyn discovered a teacher who began with connecting with her.  She was able to make the day fun and bring some joy into her classes day.  If this was where it had ended, it would have been a good year.  Better than most.

But the kindness, good humor, and cheer were employed with equal parts flexibility and technique.  She was able to help the kids learn and adapt what she was doing to the needs and abilities of where her kids were.  

I am thrilled to highly recommended Ms. Cousineau to you and your children.  

                                                                                       -Jeff Campbell

Kathy has provided specialized instruction to students identified as having a Specific Learning Disability in an itinerant model as well as in a Language Based Learning Classroom setting. Throughout her tenure, Kathy was truly an innovator and motivator. An excellent planner, her daily lesson plans were extremely detailed and well researched. Students couldn’t wait to come into her class because they felt a level of success that would frequently elude them in other settings. Her willingness to collaborate with general education teachers also allowed students to be successful when they were included within the grade level classrooms. She was able to plan and modify instruction to meet the needs of all learners, not just those with learning disabilities.

The most impressive aspect of Kathy’s teaching is her demeanor with students. Kathy is able to present information on a wide variety of topics while projecting a composed presence, a great sense of humor, and maintaining a positive classroom environment. Kathy has excellent classroom management.

                         -Alison (Co-worker)

As a teacher, Ms. Cousineau stands out as someone who cares deeply for the students whom she teaches. She is passionate about her subject matter and wants every child to succeed and to feel valued. Several times a week, Ms. Cousineau would come into my fifth grade classroom to work with the sped students in math and science. She would re-teach the concepts as necessary and utilize strategies to reach each student. Ms. Cousineau had a wonderful rapport with the students. She always displayed patience, understanding and a sense of humor that put them at ease immediately.

                                                 -Pat (5th grade teacher)

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