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The Happy Home Educators 

A supportive online community

full of teaching resources & MORE

for anyone educating from home 

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Do you feel lost and overwhelmed with what to do & how to keep your own sanity while your child learns at home? 

During this time of school closures are you worried about your child regressing in their studies? 

Have you found that you never wanted to be a teacher but now you are wearing that hat on top of all your other responsibilities?

Do you need support in helping your child learn the "new math"?

Do you believe a growth mindset is essential to your child’s success in school? 

Are you struggling to keep on top of everything your child needs to get done or learn this school year? 

The Happy Home Educator Membership Group offers direct guidance, printable tools, teaching tips, extra learning support & a community of understanding parents that are educating their child at home.   

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As an at-home educator you are likely feeling lost with the new realities of online learning. But fear not! The Happy Home Educator Membership Group is a community of support you’ve been looking for that reminds you that you are not alone. 

Kids and parents everywhere are experiencing high levels of worry and anxiety about how online and hybrid models of learning will impact their learning. Parents are struggling with the limited choices they have, and know that online learning will present many educational, emotional & social challenges for their kids and for themselves.  

The Happy Home Educator membership community is here to help! With over 25 years of experience in education, teaching kids with learning disabilities, and online tutoring, I created this community to provide you with direct support on how to unravel the mystery of helping your child get a quality  

I’m Kathy Cousineau– your Happy Teacher!  














As both a teacher and a parent, I understand how hard it can be to keep your child on track in school. I created The Happy Home Educator community to provide support for parents who are looking for new ways to help their kids who are struggling with learning.  

Whether your child is contending with the new online learning environment, has a learning disability or just needs some extra support, this group is here to provide you with the guidance, understanding and resources you need to help them succeed.  

I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher. I also know that while you are a great parent, teaching might not be something you’ve always wanted to do!  

I designed The Happy Home Educator Membership Group to help you discover ways to make your child’s learning easier and more fun so they can succeed and you can get back to the business of being a Happy Parent.   

I am the founder of My Happy Teacher, a place that helps worried parents who are desperate for help and to find support for their child’s learning difficulties. For over 20 years I have been a Learning Disabilities Specialist. I know how to figure out what a student's strengths are and how to teach them strategies to overcome their challenges.  

The Happy Home Educator community will help you learn how to help your child succeed better in school through a supportive online community of likeminded parents. 


Join a community of at-home educators who are in your shoes and understand your struggle!!!

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The Happy Home Educators Membership Community is a place

where you can: 


Receive advice and guidance from an experienced educator

Ask questions you may not feel comfortable asking your school 

Receive understanding from parents going through similar struggles 

Learn about mindfulness and how to practice it for yourself and with your kids

Feel supported in your efforts to help your child learn

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Here’s what’s included with your membership to The Happy Home Educators Membership Community: 



Private Facebook Community  

  • This where you can find support and share your questions with other parents in your shoes. It’s also the hub for all the learning resources, workshops & livestreams I provide to will help you figure out how to navigate your child’s learning whether they are in a classroom or learning at home. 


Weekly Mindfulness Activities 

  • Each week you will be given a mindfulness activity for yourself and/or your child. My special focus on mindfulness is just one of the things that sets me apart from other online teachers. My approach to learning includes a strong foundation of mindfulness because I know this skill alone can help kids (and parents!) learn better, build confidence, improve their sense of self-worth, and increase over-all happiness. 


Monthly Facebook Lives with Kathy 

  • Each month I answer questions about curriculum, give ideas on tackling your specific learning struggle & provide instruction on how to teach a concept your child may struggling with. You will be given an opportunity to submit your questions ahead of time so I can provide you with the most thorough and helpful answer. 


Quarterly Tutorials  

  • On the quarterly Zoom calls, I will start with a special mini-lesson (ex. a mindfulness tool to use with your kids, how to teach fractions, fun science experiments, etc.)  After the lesson, you will have the opportunity to directly ask questions about your struggles and issues. 


Printables Library 

  • There is nothing more draining than spending hours on the internet trying to find quality worksheets at your child’s grade-level. Most of the time, you have to pay-to-use which can also start to add up. In The Happy Home Educator community, you will have unlimited access to an ever-growing library of worksheets (with answer keys!), printables & video resources for the elementary grade level. 


Specials Guests  

  • I have always loved collaborating with other educators, especially when they have a specific area of expertise. Every now and then I will host special guests in the community to help you learn more about specialized topics classes, veteran homeschooling parents, the IEP process, storytellers, science teachers, etc.

Pop-Up Learning 

  • Throughout each month, I will provide ongoing posts and pop-up livestreams about mindfulness, reading, math, grammar, writing, and science as well as links to useful online resources that will help you and your child navigate their learning difficulties. 


Why am I doing this?

  • There are a lot of parents out there struggling with teaching academics to their children. 

  • You didn’t go to school for this, and you feel like you have no clue how to help them with things like how to change an improper fraction into a proper fraction!  

  • What’s more, if your child is struggling then what do you do? How can you assist them at home in a way that doesn’t end in tears and frustration for both of you? 

  • I want to help!!!  While I was working in the school system, I LOVED collaborating with other teachers to enhance and find alternative ways to teach concept for students that were having trouble learning something. 

  • Since I began teaching, I have worked with hundreds of parents and students in the same way to unlock their love of learning. As a highly resourceful person, I combine my over 20 years of teaching experience, a little bit of research, and a unique ability to adapt and modify teaching techniques to provide families with exactly what they need.

  • I am serious!  I REALLY LOVE doing this! 

What can I expect to find in

The Happy Home Educators Membership Group? 


If you are a parent who is feeling lost about how to help your child enjoy learning, do better in school, and feel happier and more confident then join

The Happy Home Educators membership group and become a Happy Parent now!  


What do people have to say about

My Happy Teacher? 


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There are a lot of online groups for parents.  Why should I choose to join The Happy Home Educator Membership Community? 


The Happy Home Educators Membership Community is maintained by myself. A teacher with over 20 years of classroom experience, a certified Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner & learning disabilities specialist who has an extensive background in helping children to find and learn in the way that they learn best.  While also, making sure lessons are taught in a multi-sensory way to reach most of the children. 

The Happy Home Educators Membership Community provides parents with SO much more than just worksheets! it is designed to provide a full-spectrum of support to parents for everything from learning resources, advice on how to teach a topic you are not familiar with, guidance with the curriculum & community support of parents that are walking in your shoes. All with a special focus on mindfulness so the total well being of you and your child is addressed. 

Why should you spend countless hours searching for something I could help you find in a snap?



How long do I have to be a member if I join? 


Your membership to The Happy Home Educator is on a month-to-month term. Each payment provides you with one month in the membership group. There is no minimum number of months required and you can cancel your membership at any time.  

What if I decide My Happy Home Educator is not for me? 

You can cancel your membership at any time however the monthly fee will not be pro-rated. There are no refunds on monthly payments, but you will have access to the community for the entire month purchased before your access expires. 

Image by Chastity Cortijo

What kinds of tools can I expect to receive in the Happy Educator Membership Group?

  • Explanations and reviews of various online programs, websites, and resources  

  • Printable reference sheets for your child to refer back to when they need help remembering (ex. how to add fractions, multiplication chart, study sheets, etc)   

  • TONS of links to websites that are GREAT for different skills and subject areas 

  • Links to virtual math manipulatives  

  • List of sight words & the most frequently used words that are imperative to learn to read & spell

  • Access to a growing library of helpful printable materials (worksheets, activities, journals, etc.)

  • Monthly lesson demonstrations to show you how to teach a concept with resources included 

  • Plus, SO much more! 

The new realities of distance education are putting pressure on parents now more than ever!

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Give yourself the gift of sanity

and your child the gift of a holistic approach to learning.

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Join The Happy Home Educators membership community and become a Happy Parent!!

Subscription Payment Options

Membership Payment Anchor

Regular Price 

  •  Monthly Plan: $40.00 per Month 

  • 4 Month Plan: Pay for 3 Months with 1 Month FREE $120.00

  • Annual Plan: Pay for 9 Months with 3 Months FREE $360.00 

September ONLY

Introductory Packages 50% Off!! 


Monthly Plan: $30.00 a Month (ONLY a $1 a day!)

4 Month Plan: Pay for 3 Months with 1 Month FREE $60.00

Annual Plan: Pay for 9 Months with 3 Months FREE $180.00 


Affordable Monthly Membership


Save More on Annual Membership


4-Month Plan Membership


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